Besides the 4th, I always look forward to having an abundance of local fresh berries. Berries are just super delicious, and one of my favorite fruits! My favorite has to be strawberries (YUM!!). What kind of berry is your favorite?

Here's this months (July) desktop calendar. You can download it free here. Enjoy! :)



"It is the month of June, The month of leaves and roses,When pleasant sights salute the eyes
And pleasant scents the noses". - Nathaniel Parker Willis

Download this months (free) calendar available here in variety of sizes. Enjoy! 

(* free for personal use only )


Snails in Blooms

"Despise not a snail for its slow and struggling movement; it has a destination and with time it shall arrive" - African proverb 

As I child, one of my favorite pastime was collecting snails in the garden. I would  keep them for a while and then let them go. At one point in my adult life, I adopted a fresh water snail, who I called Snailbert (awesome name, right?). He lived happily in his little fish bowl for three (or was it five) years, slowly moving around, eating away at the algae that grew. He was a sweet little guy with a kind gentle soul, I'm really glad I got to meet him. 
A few weeks ago, I picked up some herbs at the nursery and found a little snail munching away at a basil plant.  Apart of me wanted to take it home, but decided I'm not up for owning another snailbert. So, I gently put it down, and wished him or her a happy life and we both went on our way.  

Something about these slow- moving slimy creatures make me smile; so I went ahead and painted some.
Now I think I might paint some more! Do you love snails as much as I do?  

Print now available in my Etsy shop. 


Happy May!

Here's a bouquet of peonies (my favorite flower) on this months (free) downloadable calendar available here in variety of sizes. Enjoy!

(* free for personal use only )


April Showers ...

Well, you know the rest of the saying.

Just want to welcome April, (I know, a day late). Lets hope it's not too much of a washout.
But, I got my rain boots ready,  and hope you do as well! :)

I also decided to make this illustration into a free April desktop calendar, which you can get here.
(*free for personal use only)


- xo Emma



Hi there, remember me? 

Yeah, I know, It's been a while since I've shared anything new. I guess you can say I've pretty much neglected this place.  Maybe it's the lack of followers on here, that I find posting or sharing makes no sense at all.  I know, I know,  it's a negative way to think about it. But hey, at least I'm trying to turn my negatives, into a positive. And that's a start, right!? :)

Okay, so here's another chance with this blogging stuff... 

A few months ago, I came across terrariums. What can I say, there's something so magical about a tiny world under glass. So magical, that when I picked up a few actual cloches and planted some of my own (for my tiny home studio), I wanted to plant some more. But, they can get rather expensive, and take up precious space (even though, they are so damn pretty)... so I thought, "Hey, why not paint some!"
And so I did, and also added them to the shop!
Hope you like. :)



                                                                     Flamingo In Lagoon

                                                                         Flamingo Pair

Meet my coral-colored lanky friends! Aren't they pretty?!

I've always cringed at the idea of flamingos. They have always struck me as kitschy; sitting on a front lawn, all pink and plasticky, or in a glittery snow globe, surrounded by palm trees with the words 'Miami Beach' written on it. Barf!

I wanted to see if I could change my own perspective, and create some kind of world for them that wasn't too cliche or cheesy. I was up for the challenge (which was very much needed), since i've been lackluster in creating art for sometime now. In the end, I'm happy with the way they turned out, and now I see them in a different light. With their beautiful long necks, elegant stance, and gorgeous coloring...  I'm glad to say, flamingos are now modern and unique, with a lot less plastic and glitter.

Both prints are now available in my shop!



I think it's time I bought myself a tangible tea set, but until then, I'll just paint them! :)
Teacup print now available in my shop. xo Emma

A Macaron a Day

Photo by Kris Chu
Nothing makes me happier than the first day of spring. Well, add a few french macarons on top of that, and you get a veeeeerry happy person. Here in New York City, March 20th marks the 3rd annual Macaron Day. Which means everyone can get a free, delicate mouth-watering, slightly crispy outside, with a explosive gooey inside cookie, from any participating shops. If you've never had one, now is the time to try one. I mean, come on, it's free! These tiny sweet colorful jewels usually cost $2.50 a piece. And since I heart everything and anything macaron, I thought why not share my favorite Etsy macaron inspired items. Bon appetite!  
xo. Emma

1. A Macaron a day print from lucileskitchen | 2. Macaron Charm from BlingAndPink |3. Set of 4 French Macaron Birthday Card from joliejoliedesign | 4. Turquoise Macaron Earrings from atelierdouceurshop | 5.Sweet Treats Printable Lists from wildolive

Peacock Garden

I've been working on some birds lately, and of course peacocks were on my list. Here's a piece I call
peacock garden. I didn't want to do the typical open tail peacock painting (even though, I think the feathers are probably the most glorious part of the bird). So, I had to find a way of keeping the flare of the peacock without its iconic tail. I found a stencil while ornament shopping back in December, that I knew I wanted to implement into this piece somehow. The "moorish" type tile design stencil was a great solution to emulate the eyes of the birds tail (so i think), while also providing some kind of environment. 
Thanks for looking!


I've been meaning to post about these two little sweethearts, durning Valentine's Day week, but I got sidetracked with other work, and I never got a chance. Anyway, here are the Lovey-Dovey birds, better late then never! 

Holiday Cards - Silhouette Girls

I'm really happy with the creation of these four beauties, which were inspired by holiday vintage silhouettes from the Victorian era.  Since my work has fashion illustration elements, I thought, "hey, why not make a set of girls adorned with classic holiday decorations" I wanted to keep the traditional holiday colors, such as green and red, but thought why not modernize it. I used teal blue's and burgundy orange's painted with inks on watercolor paper.

The cards are printed on a lovely recycled white textured cardstock, and come with matte envelopes. Each set includes 8 blank cards of two each:
Ornament Earrings, Dove Headband, Ribbon Necklace and Snowflake Barrettes

I had lots of fun with these girlies!  Find them in my shop!

Happy Holidays!

Wish We Were Butterflies

 "I almost wish we were butterflies and liv'd but three summer days - three such days with you I could fill with more delight than fifty common years could ever contain." - John Keats
Hope you like the new piece!

xo Emma