Thinking outside the box.

So two weeks ago, I finally received my very very belated Christmas gift in the mail - A book of the works of Makeup Artist, Alex Box. I've been meaning to blog about it, but got sidetracked (ahem, just like my gift). ;)

On arrival of my package, my heart kept pitter pattering, I just couldn't wait to get my hands on this book! After a few minutes of tearing the package open (like a child at christmas time), I finally got to indulge my eyes with vividly inspired, and perfectly detailed imagery. The book, which is enormous, holds a collection of Alex Box creative beauty editorials, which are photographed by Rankin. Alex's makeup work is very experimental and eccentric. Her work ranges from being brightly colored, whimsical, dark, and sometimes combined with all of the above to create the ultimate strange. I really love her innovative uses of color, graphic shapes, and textures. My favorite has to be the pucci-esque print inspired - It is just so yummy, and just so perfect.  Here are a few images from the book. 

xo Emma