Flamingo In Lagoon

                                                                         Flamingo Pair

Meet my coral-colored lanky friends! Aren't they pretty?!

I've always cringed at the idea of flamingos. They have always struck me as kitschy; sitting on a front lawn, all pink and plasticky, or in a glittery snow globe, surrounded by palm trees with the words 'Miami Beach' written on it. Barf!

I wanted to see if I could change my own perspective, and create some kind of world for them that wasn't too cliche or cheesy. I was up for the challenge (which was very much needed), since i've been lackluster in creating art for sometime now. In the end, I'm happy with the way they turned out, and now I see them in a different light. With their beautiful long necks, elegant stance, and gorgeous coloring...  I'm glad to say, flamingos are now modern and unique, with a lot less plastic and glitter.

Both prints are now available in my shop!