A Macaron a Day

Photo by Kris Chu
Nothing makes me happier than the first day of spring. Well, add a few french macarons on top of that, and you get a veeeeerry happy person. Here in New York City, March 20th marks the 3rd annual Macaron Day. Which means everyone can get a free, delicate mouth-watering, slightly crispy outside, with a explosive gooey inside cookie, from any participating shops. If you've never had one, now is the time to try one. I mean, come on, it's free! These tiny sweet colorful jewels usually cost $2.50 a piece. And since I heart everything and anything macaron, I thought why not share my favorite Etsy macaron inspired items. Bon appetite!  
xo. Emma

1. A Macaron a day print from lucileskitchen | 2. Macaron Charm from BlingAndPink |3. Set of 4 French Macaron Birthday Card from joliejoliedesign | 4. Turquoise Macaron Earrings from atelierdouceurshop | 5.Sweet Treats Printable Lists from wildolive